We are perpetual book swappers at Eponine. If one person enjoys a novel, before you know it, everyone is either reading it or in a queue to borrow it.

The Stopped Heart by Julie Myerson is our latest victim and we absolutely love it. It is chilling, moving, and utterly addictive.

AN90280185The Stopped Heart.jpg

When Mary and Graham Coles move to a cottage on the edge of a countryside village in an attempt to heal from a deeply traumatic past, Mary starts to feel that they aren’t alone. She notices creaking doors, footsteps down the corridors, and children whispering. She even begins to see a man with a shock of red hair walking around her garden and through the village.

One hundred and fifty years earlier, outside the very same cottage, a terrible storm causes an oak tree to fall and land on man. This man, with a shock of red hair, is taken in by thirteen-year-old Eliza and her parents. They nurse him back to health but once he recovers, it becomes clear that has no intention of leaving.

Most addictive book ever: Jet sneaking in a few minutes on her kindle during the working day

Most addictive book ever: Jet sneaking in a few minutes on her kindle during the working day


Myseson expertly intertwines these two tales of profound loss, love, evil and longing. The Stopped Heart frightens you, moves you and keeps you absolutely locked to it for its duration.

Be prepared to turn into a hermit from the minute you start The Stopped Heart. It is genuinely impossible to put down. The great news is, it’s worth every inch of the outings you cancel.

Jet Shenkman

We love this cotton dress from our SS14 collection

Black and White Polka Dot Dress with Square Neck and Inward Facing Pleats

group 3.jpg

We love to make pieces from previous collections

For more information about this dress, or any piece from an old collection, please email hello@eponinelondon.com

Jet Shenkman


(a hug in a bowl)


This is the perfect meal to curl up with on the sofa with when the rain is pouring outside, when one of the many lurgies that seem to be circulating sets in, or when you simply fancy a good old bowl of comfort food.


(Serves 2 with some for leftovers)



1x Aubergine, chopped

1x Can of chopped tomatoes

1/2 Tube of tomato paste

1x Packet of your favourite wild mushrooms (the more variations the merrier)

1x Can of butter beans

1x Can of kidney beans

1x Large red onion, chopped

2x Cloves of garlic, chopped

2x Heaped teaspoons of paprika

2x Heaped teaspoons of cayenne pepper

2x Heaped teaspoons of cumin

1x Teaspoon of sugar

A hearty glug of red wine

Another hearty glug of Worcestershire sauce

Salt & Pepper


1x Avocado

1x Lime’s worth of juice

1x Teaspoon of chilli flakes

1x Teaspoon of fish sauce

A splash of tabasco

Salt & Pepper


1/2 Pot of greek yoghurt

1/2 Limes’s worth of zest & juice



A generous handful of chopped coriander, chopped


  1. Put a generous amount of olive oil into a large pan and heat it on a medium heat. Add the chopped red onion, the garlic cloves and the spices and mix them together until they’re soft and smelling delicious.

  2. Add the chopped aubergine and cook until it’s nice and soft.

  3. Add the canned tomatoes, the mushrooms, the beans, the red wine and the seasoning. Leave the everything to mingle for circa 20 minutes (the longer the better).

  4. On to the guacamole. Mash the avocado. Add the lime juice, the fish sauce (for the saltiness), the chilli flakes, the tabasco and the seasoning.

  5. Finally, the lime yoghurt. Put the yoghurt in a bowl and grate to get a lime’s worth of zest on top. Then cut the lime and squeeze half the juice into the bowl. Mix together and season.

  6. To serve, put a very generous dollop of guacamole on top, and another generous dollop of yoghurt on top of that. Sprinkle a hearty handful of chopped coriander over the whole thing, and serve with a wedge of lime.


Jet Shenkman

Anyone walking the streets of London this week will have marvelled at blue skies, sun shining and those chilly temperatures slowly creeping up. It seems that Spring is on our doorstep and we couldn’t be happier about it.

What better a way to count down to those glorious Spring months - full of greenery, daffodils and new life - than to choose some of our favourite spring-like pieces from collections old and new.

The Pontmercy

The Pontmercy


The Pontmercy dress from our brand new Spring ‘19 collection is made up of very spring-like colours. Sky blues, blossom pinks and grass greens are scattered all over this Hmong dress with pom poms.

The AW18 A-Line Dress certainly has a “new life” feel to it. Possibly thanks to it being white in colour, possibly thanks to the speckles of colour weaved into the textured bouclé; like little buds waiting to blossom.

The A-Line Dress

The A-Line Dress


Daisies tend to bloom in the late-spring. So although their arrival might not be imminent, the SS18 Daisy Dress, with hand tatted lace round the sleeves and hem, holds the promise of summer, of sunshine, of pimms in the garden.

The Daisy Dress (SS18)

The Daisy Dress (SS18)


And another Daisy Dress, this time with asymmetric pleating and daisies embroidered onto cotton, from our SS17 collection:

The Daisy Dress (SS17)

The Daisy Dress (SS17)


The Cosette from the current Spring ‘19 collection would fit in perfectly within a collection of fellow white spring-like things; snowdrops, fluffy clouds, rabbits.

The Cosette

The Cosette


We love Spring at Eponine HQ. With our Spring ‘19 collection launched (the first time we’ve ever done a Spring collection), with tulips on the table, and with scarves (almost) back in the wardrobe, the future feels bright.

So let’s raise a glass to Spring, and to all the wonder it holds.

Jet Shenkman

We caught up with the Rosemary Pearson - writer, fashion blogger & long time Eponine client and friend.


1. Hello Rosemary! We adore your blog, Mode, Mood & Method. What inspired you to start it?

Thank you, that is so kind! I could never draw or paint, so ended up using the way I dress as a creative outlet and I’ve really enjoyed pushing the boundaries of fashion - with varying success (my friends have occasionally mistaken my outfits for fancy dress). After my outfits started to make a bit of a name for me, my friends started encouraging me to make a name for my outfits, and my blog was eventually born. 

2. What is the concept behind the blog itself, Mode, Mood & Method

I’ve always struggled with fashion blogs that instruct readers to pair a particular shaped trouser with a particular neckline for a particular body shape. For me, fashion isn’t about wearing the most flattering shade of cream, it’s about expression, and wearing - to use the phrase de jour - whatever sparks joy. So that’s where the ‘mood’ element comes in. Instead of giving readers a rulebook of fashion dos and don’ts, I want to encourage others to dress according to their mood and what they love.

I thought literature would be a good means of illustrating this and wanted to tie together literature and fashion. The idea was that I would read a book and then review it with an outfit. Sounds a bit mad, but I was reading Love in the Time of Cholera (my favourite book of all time), and it made me want to dress in a certain way to echo the story. Although in practice, if I am to sleep and work, I don’t have enough time to execute this idea well, so instead, I use quotes and poems which are a bit shorter! 

Rosemary “colour clashing” her Eponine cotton cropped top and skirt

Rosemary “colour clashing” her Eponine cotton cropped top and skirt


3. You have written a wonderful article about Eponine in your blog, and have purchased several Eponine pieces over the years. Do you have a favourite? And if so, which is it and why?

What better way to spark joy than wear Eponine! And how difficult to choose a favourite. When I first started to get to know the brand, Jet amazingly kindly made me an orange hippo summer dress which I still live in when the sun shines. That is probably the piece I think of with the most affection, but the piece that I hold in the highest esteem in terms of shape, attention to detail and sheer beauty is my golden and red sequin dress, which I would wear every day if it was warm enough. I took it to Sri Lanka a couple of years ago and was frequently stopped for photos, including this one with the smiliest of women, who I adored for her kindness, but also because she did make me feel very tall. 


4. You are also an investment writer and editor. How did you get into that?

I had a wonderful economics teacher at school who really engaged me with the subject and I went on to study politics and sociology at university, but I didn’t really know how I could both channel my interest in the wider world and avoid a really dry job. A couple of years after I graduated I ended up in the marketing department at a private bank and discovered this glorious hybrid: investment communications, which took all the interesting parts of economics but made me channel them in a creative and engaging way. Many years of exams later, and I suppose I am hopefully up and running now!

Rosemary wearing her Eponine hippo summer dress

Rosemary wearing her Eponine hippo summer dress


5. Do you have to channel a different look when you visit places and businesses in the corporate sector? And if you do, what look do you tend to go for to feel great but also dress appropriately?

To be honest, I probably have raised some corporate eyebrows over the years, but I can’t say I’ve lost much sleep over that! 

In the past, female officewear has been dire, but there are actually some great brands now doing really beautiful, simple, office-appropriate collections. I do tend to stick to my style, but I probably go slightly more tonal in colour, and fewer petticoats. For example, I love a cream silk shirt and I’ll maybe pair that with some dark high-waisted trousers and heels (sometimes). You can’t go far wrong with that. 

6. At Eponine, we take the elegant shapes of the 50s and 60s and give them a twist. We like women to feel empowered and confident in what wear, and not afraid to make an impression. What does fashion mean to you?

 It means the same to me. It upsets me when I hear fashion being trivialised as a vanity project. The way we dress affects the way we feel and how we want to begin every day, and there is nothing trivial about that. It isn’t about chasing trends, it’s about the confidence the right outfit can give you. 

I spent years working on various shop floors and will always remember this story, which is actually also on my blog:

A slightly nervous woman came into the shop and I asked her if she wanted any help. She said no, so I left her. I double-checked with her a few minutes later as I suspected she was holding something back. She did then explain that it was her son’s 21st birthday party that night and it would be the first time she was seeing her ex-husband and his new partner. She was nervous and wanted to look her best, but had no idea where to start. We spent a couple of hours together trying various things on and eventually she walked out of the shop with her head held high, delighted with her new outfit. Her manner was that of a different woman, she had her elegant armour on and she now felt like she could deal with the emotional challenge ahead.

And that is why clothes are so important, and what fashion means to me. It’s an incredibly powerful tool when wielded in the right way. 

Rosemary wearing a bespoke Eponine jumpsuit

Rosemary wearing a bespoke Eponine jumpsuit


7. Now that the cold weather has well and truly arrived, how do you put together an outfit to feel fabulous but also warm and snug?

This has actually been a bit of a challenge in the past, but this winter I’ve started getting creative with tights and now own them in blue, grey, green, red and chartreuse etc. I have a rainbow of tights. They look great when you match the colour of your shoe to your tights and it’s a really easy way of making an otherwise normal skirt and jumper outfit look much more interesting. 

8. If you had to give one piece of fashion advice to someone seeking some, what would it be?

Push yourself! You may look at a dress on a hanger and think it’s too bright, but just try it on and see. Fashion is actually about the way you hold yourself and if you can wear that bright dress with your head held high, it definitely will look amazing. It’s all about attitude. 

Rosemary wearing her biscuit cropped top and high waisted skirt

Rosemary wearing her biscuit cropped top and high waisted skirt


To have a tinker around Mode, Mood & Method, please click here

And please click here to get to Rosemary’s website, Rosemary Pearson Communications

Jet Shenkman

BBC’s Les Misérables


We have absolutely loved Tom Shankland’s six-part adaptation of Victor Hugo’s classic novel, Les Misérables.

Set in a war-torn France, Les Misérables is a tale of survival, vengeance, love and passion in times of great adversity.

The cast is full of tip-top actors - Dominic West plays a spellbinding Jean Valjean and David Oyelowo an equally brilliant Inspector Javert - and we have been completely and utterly hooked.

David Oyelowo as Inspector Javert and Dominic West as Jean Valjean

David Oyelowo as Inspector Javert and Dominic West as Jean Valjean

We have, of course, loved watching Eponine - the character after which Eponine was named - on our screens. Erin Kellyman has done a sterling job at bringing our favourite fictional character to life.

Erin Kellyman as Eponine

Erin Kellyman as Eponine


If you are looking for something to watch, look no further. This well and truly rocks.

To watch Les Misérables, click here.

Jet Shenkman

AW13 tweed dress with a mink collar.


Modelled by long time Eponine model and friend, Margaret Clunie (and Ciccio the jacket russell), and photographed by the wonderful Jesse Jenkins.

At Eponine we always love making pieces from previous collections. For more information about this dress or other pieces from collections old, please email hello@eponinelondon.com

Jet Shenkman

We are delighted to announce that Eponine is now stocked in the wonderful seaside boutique, Collen & Clare.


Limited numbers of The Brown & Gold Geometric, The Pink & Gold Triangle and The Red Diamond & Flower dresses can be found in the shop that journalist India Wright once described as, “the ultimate boutique”.

For more information about Collen & Clare and where to find it, please click here.

Jet Shenkman

Last year we were lucky enough to work with Mieka - a long-standing and much loved Eponine client - on her wedding dress.


She wanted her wedding dress to be the same shape as a previous Eponine dress she’d ordered, but for it to be more bridal.

The dress was made using a floral embroidered aida with a silk lining. It had a round neck with a slit, and the skirt was pleated with a small train on the back.

Mika - Front.jpg

At Eponine, we love working with brides-to-be. We work closely with them to make them their dream dress.

For more information or to book an appointment to come and see us, please email hello@eponinelondon.com

Jet Shenkman

If you’re looking for a book recommendation to welcome in the new year, look no further. Sally Rooney’s second novel, Normal People, was one of our favourite books of ‘18.

Book Club 1.jpg

Normal People follows Marianne and Connell, from their brief and secret affair in their schooldays in Carricklea, Ireland, to their time at Trinity College, Dublin.

Normal People is a tale of love and friendship, and the deep impact one can have on another. It’s perceptive, contemporary and brilliant.

You won’t be able to put it down.

Jet Shenkman

We are so excited for the V&A’s upcoming exhibition, Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams.


The exhibition spans from 1947 to the present day, showcasing some of Dior’s finest and most striking designs. It maps Dior’s history, and the influence it’s had on the fashion industry.

Here are a few photographswhich have particularly tickled our excitement:


Jet Shenkman

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year

Thank you for your support this year, it’s been a wonderful one!

With love

Team Eponine

Jet Shenkman