In the heart of Chiang Mai, tucked away from the noise and frenzy, lies the most joyous of joyous havens: Villa Mahabhirom

Peaceful, cosy and deliciously beautiful, this hotel was the final stop (and the much needed antidote) to Jet and Nina’s Thai itinerary.

Villa Mahabhirom has been open since 2016, but really its history is much longer. It is made up of 13 villas; antique Thai houses, each at least 100 years old. The villas were sourced all over Thailand, de-constructed, and then put back together to form Villa Mahabhirom.


Villa Mahabhirom is a place of true elegance. The villas are dotted all over the site, amongst trees bursting with orange flowers and a rather impressive range of greenery and cacti. Scattered amongst these are sculptures - busts mainly - of sultry looking men and women, watching over you to make sure you’re enjoying your stay as much as they know you should be.


The simplicity of the interior design is a brilliant call; it celebrates entirely the architecture of the Thai houses. You could be transported right back to the day they were built if it weren’t for the beautiful Jim Thompson head boards above (almost all) the beds. The pop of colour from the head boards give the rooms a contemporary twist, a combination so delightful you find yourself staying in bed for longer than you should.

The food is absolutely bloomin’ marvellous - deep fried catfish, fresh spring rolls stuffed full of herbs, and pad thai were particularly popular with the Eponine contingent. A mango smoothie was also a favourite (though, disappointingly, the smoothie has “ruined mangoes” for Jet and Nina back in the UK. It seems that the English supermarket ones aren’t worth their salt anymore).


The staff at Villa Mahabhirom are particularly kind. Everything is done with a big smile and a genuine willingness to make your stay a wonderful one. It makes such a difference when staff truly want to help. And the team at Villa Mahabhirom really do. They know how special their hotel is, and they want you to know it too.

To sum up, this place rocks. You simply must swing by if you have the pleasure of finding yourself in Chiang Mai any time in the future. We’re already plotting an excuse to get there.

Jet Shenkman