we caught up with Isabel Spearman (or, as we like to call her, the queen of the dress) - FOUNDER OF @DAILYDRESSEDIT AND BRAND AND IMAGE CONSULTANT

Isabel told us about smart works, the charity for which she is an ambassador, the power of the print dress, and why you should never save an outfit for a special occasion


You are, as reflected in your instagram account @dailydressedit (and subsequent pop-up on Motcomb Street), an almighty fan of the dress. What it is about the dress which you particularly like?

For me a dress is my uniform, I know I feel my very best wearing one. I also love that its only one item of clothing to think about rather than pairing separates, lazy dressing at its best.

Talking of dresses, you have an Eponine Columbia Road dress. How have you been putting it together in these one-minute-rainy-one-minute-sunny summer months?

This summer I haven’t sadly haven’t the chance to wear many of my beautiful summery dresses sadly. However, my Colombia road dress has been a wardrobe constant as although it is incredibly colourful it has an easy dark base you can pair with anything from a pair of black Birkenstocks to tan espadrilles. What I’m really looking forward to is wearing it with black boots in the cooler months, this dress transcends any season.


What is your biggest fashion “Do" and biggest fashion “Do Not"?

I really believe that you have to wear what makes you feel your best. I can see from the many women I work with throughout a wide variety of industries, that wearing a print dress is now much more accepted, even in the corporate world. If it is a print midi dress that makes you leave the house ready to tackle the world every morning, then wear one and enjoy it. Smarten it up with a blazer if needed, or just dress it down with a pair of trainers, don’t save your best for special occasions or you will never wear them. It all goes back to confidence and if you are wearing something you feel great in, you exude confidence.

Please could you tell the reader a little more about smart works?

Smart Works is a charity I am really proud to be an Ambassador for. They help vulnerable women get back into the work place through dressing and mentoring sessions. Its all about giving them confidence in themselves and they leave their sessions for the job interview feeling like Beyonce. It is an incredibly simple and powerful concept that uses fashion as a force for good.

What do you most like to do when you’re doing none of the above?

I spend a lot of time thinking and dreaming about dresses which is why I set up my @dailydressedit instagram account. My feed is very much to inspire other dress obsessives, not to shop because we actually don’t need that much in our wardrobes, but its a feast for the eye if you love a dress as much as I do. We did a very successful Pop Up in May which Eponine was part of and watch this space for another one in 2020. You heard it here first!

Jet Shenkman