Stylist, Personal Shopper, Wardrobe Consultant, Brand Consultant - it seems Sarah Kate Byrne can do it all. We caught up with her in the midst of the summer heatwave, where she told us about her love for vintage, why she loves Amal Clooney, and how thinking outside the box really is a top styling tip

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Completely by accident! I was the creative director of a company I founded and that entailed looking for PR opportunities, so I started doing shoots with friends who worked in TV and film and then, viola; I ended up going full time as a stylist. My specialising in occasion-wear, and particularly race-wear, makes sense as my family are heavily involved in horse racing in Ireland and Canada.

Would you say you have a particular styling look? If so, what is it?

Yes. I love classical and timeless looks with a twist. I love vintage fashion but try not to style in a vintage way and rather make it contemporary by mixing and matching.


Eponine, obviously, given its nod to 60s fashion. Otherwise I don't choose based on brands, favouring unique and timeless vintage pieces instead.


Do you dress differently to how you style your clients?

Yes for sure. Doing a good styling job means that your clients personality should shine through. I tend to be a bit braver with my own choices while for clients I want them to feel comfortable and like themselves, though I will try to coax a client out of their comfort zone as much as possible.

You are also a Personal Shopper, a Wardrobe Consultant and a Brand Consultant - which of these would you say you enjoy the most and why?

I think my favourite task would be specific occasion-wear styling. So a bride, mother-of-the-bride, an Ascot look or a glam event as I can flex my creative muscles and be a bit bolder with choices and suggestions.


Who is the best dressed person out there at the moment (apart from Francesca Cumani of course)?

This is a tough one for me to answer as I dont tend to follow the latest style news! But I do love Amal Clooney's choices - I might be biased as she loves her vintage! I also have to say, Georgia Toffolo has a great sense of style and really knows what suits her. She’s brave with her choices. One of her Royal Ascot looks (pictured below) was to die for!


What is your ultimate styling advice for someone putting an outfit together?

Think outside the box. I have a lot of pieces that don't quite work for an event so I’ll mess around with belts, safety pins, ribbons and jewellery as I know they have potential. Scarves as tops, skirts over dresses where the hem is too short, wearing things back to front!

You have styled Francesca Cumani in a couple of Eponine designs. What first drew you to Eponine?

The red and white dogtooth dress (pictured below) I chose for her first Aintree Ladies Day! I am a sucker for dogtooth and even more so when its not traditional black and white. The dress had the most amazing swaying hemline which I knew would look great as she walked for TV.

It was also a dress that I got to play around with - I put a mans shirt underneath and then added a black bow to break up the bust. And then topped it off with a magical Philip Treacy hat!


Is there an Eponine design or collection which you particularly like?

The ready-to-wear collection this season is incredible and makes Eponine more accessible for those without a bespoke budget. The style and shape is as good as the bespoke line too.

We’ve just launched our new ready-to-wear collection. How would you suggest someone wears their dress in a city where it’s raining one second, sunny the next?

These dresses are quite versatile actually! I wore mine to a birthday party recently on a rainy Saturday but as soon as I got there the sun came out and it transitioned perfectly! In the winter I’ll be wearing a polo neck under it and knee high boots.

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