We would love to invite you to the opening evening of Jet Shenkman's exhibition at the Rebecca Hossack gallery on November 10th from 6-8pm. 

Please RSVP to myself or to press@rebeccahossack.com

We look forward to seeing you there,

Jet x 


Jet Shenkman: Eponine at the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery, 10 to 15 November 2016

The line between art and fashion has always been a permeable one. When I first encountered Jet Shenkman’s dresses I was enraptured. Originality, vision and technical skill are things that I always look for and admire in art, and I found them - abundantly - in Jet’s creations. Her sense of colour, the elegant simplicity of her designs, her use of printed fabrics from across the world, and the sheer joyousness of her vision are all exceptional. She is a true artist and I wanted to show her work at the gallery. 

We are mounting a five-day exhibition of Jet Shenkman’s beautiful work at the gallery on Conway Street, with a special late-night opening on Thursday 10 November.  Do come along: you can meet Jet, see her dresses and order a bespoke creation for yourself.



Show Hours:

Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery

2a Conway Street, London W1T 6BA


Thursday 10 November: 10 - 8 (Afternoon tea, followed by evening cocktails)

Friday 11 November: 10 - 6  

Saturday 12 November: 10 - 6 (Morning coffee and cakes)

Sunday 13 November: Closed

Monday 14 November: 10 - 6

Tuesday 15 November: 10 - 6

All catering will be provided by Ben's House, London's only city-centric grocer and coffee shop serving food and drink entirely hand-crafted in London 






Jet Shenkman